Review: Poulan Pro 6 Speed Riding Lawn Mower

    Review: Poulan Pro 6 Speed Riding Lawn Mower Justin Bradberry

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    Are you looking for a riding lawn mower, but don’t want to spend so much that you could purchase a used vehicle instead? Do you need a mower that has a proven reputation of reliability? The Poulon Pro 6 speed riding lawn mower offers users the best of both worlds. It’s priced for under $1,400 on Amazon right now and offers users a 6 speed side lever driven transmission that shifts smoothly for you under even difficult circumstances. It’s comfortable, durable, and will help to make a lawn be consistently awesome.

    What Are the Features of the Poulan Pro 6 Speed Riding Mower? 

    There are a lot of riding lawn mowers out there today that offer a strong cutting experience, but a poor property care experience. The weight of the mower can literally dig the tires into the lawn and create rut patterns on certain makes and models. With the Poulan Pro, you’ll be getting turf saver tires that are 15×6 in front and 20×8 in the rear. They’re stable, grip well, and won’t create problematic trails in your lawn.

    Here are some of the additional features that some users may wish to consider if they’re in the market right now for a riding lawn mower.

    • It features a 38 inch cutting deck that helps to provide this mower with a more compact frame that makes storage and maneuverability a lot easier.
    • The 14.5 HP provides enough torque for most hilly terrain that requires mowing.
    • There are 6 positions on the deck height adjustment so that the right cut can always be achieved.

    You could outfit adapters to bag up clippings or mulch, but the side discharge is the best option for this mower. Clippings tend to get clumpy in the other discharge methods.

    Is There an Advantage to Owning the Poulan Pro? 

    We really love that the Poulan brand, which is powered by Husqvarna, has incorporated a reverse mowing action within the design of this model. It means that you can mow the lawn while you are driving backwards. Many mowers have disengaged this feature for safety reasons, as backing up on someone while mowing isn’t particularly safe. If you’re in a field with no one around and you’ve missed a spot, however, this feature will come in very handy.

    The one issue we have with the Poulan Pro is the fact that the transmission must be placed in gear while you are stopped. It takes a little getting used to doing, but nothing that will prevent anyone from really enjoying this mower.

    It might be small and compact, but the Poulan Pro 6 speed riding lawn mower offers users a convenient tool to get lawn chores accomplished with ease. If you’re ready to take back your yard, then you’re ready to begin using the Poulan Pro today.

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