Review: Hobart Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter

    Review: Hobart Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter Justin Bradberry

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    Are you looking for a plasma cutter that has an inverter design to make it more productive in more environments? Do you need a tool that will be an efficient system that will work with all conductive metals? If so, then what you’ll want to look at today is the Hobart Airforce 500i plasma cutter. The 500i model offers users the chance to own a tool that operates directly from a standard household plug while still providing a high performance unit in a portable design. It’s priced today on Amazon for just $1,350.

    What Are the Key Features of the Hobart Airforce 500i? 

    We really loved just how easy the Hobart Airforce 500i was to setup and begin using. It’s literally as simple as plugging it in and pulling the trigger to begin cutting. You’ll obviously need to connect this plasma to a compressed air supply, of course, and you’ll need to ground the piece you’re working on. A 5 meter clamp is included that will help you effectively ground the piece you’re working on.

    There are some additional features you may wish to consider as well with this particular plasma cutter.

    • Weighing just under 28 pounds, this new inverter design from Hobart brings true portability to a plasma cutter.
    • It features post-flow air cooling that helps to automatically keep the torch and tip cooler during and after cutting so the life of the unit is extended.
    • The design also features an automatic fan that turns on only when needed to cool the unit so dust and debris don’t get pulled into the housing of the unit.

    These features are complimented by wind tunnel technology that further helps to limit the damage that debris or excessive dust can cause. Although light cleaning is always a good idea, you won’t have to be as proactive with the Hobart Airforce 500i as you are with other plasma cutters in keeping the dust clear.

    Is There an Advantage to Owning the Hobart Airforce 500i? 

    The one clear advantage that comes with this particular plasma cutter is the incorporated thermal overload protection. It has a built-in governor that is rated for a 35% duty cycle at 104F. If the temperature of your environment decreases, then the duty cycle will increase accordingly. The same is true in reverse if the working environment should become warmer for some reason.

    If you’ve never used a plasma cutter before, then we can see how getting this unit started could potentially be problematic. The instructions are pretty clear, but also clearly intended to those who are experienced with this tool. Take your time on thicker metals as well to get a cleaner cut and watch out for open spots.

    At this price point, the Hobart Airforce 500i plasma cutter provides a superior experience for a budget-friendly price. If you need a plasma cutter that will stand up to the rigors of work and time, then this is one of the best tools that is on the market today.

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