Review: DeWalt 7.25 Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw

    Review: DeWalt 7.25 Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw Justin Bradberry

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    Do you need a circular saw that is portable enough to go virtually anywhere, yet strong enough to cut through virtually anything? Are your tired of using circular saws that make you feel like you need to be a bodybuilder in order to use them properly? The DeWalt 7.25 inch worm drive circular saw is going to be the tool for you. It weighs less than 14 pounds and offers an extra wide saw hook so that you can cut through materials that are 2.5 inches thick in a single pass. Priced right on Amazon at $179, this is the affordable tool your garage or shop needs.

    What Are the Features of This DeWalt Circular Saw? 

    The one key feature of this particular circular saw we really loved is the tough cord protection that DeWalt has incorporated into this saw. When you’re sawing, making sure your fingers and any other obstacles are out of the path of the circular saw, you’re not paying much attention to anything else but the line and your safety. This protection system helps to prevent cord jerk protection that can pull the power from your sawing out from underneath you. This saves blades, makes cuts more consistent, and ultimately saves you money.

    Here are some of the other features of the DeWalt 7.25 inch worm drive circular saw to consider today.

    • It has been made with a durable cast magnesium footplate so that there is a solid, tough cutting platform that can always be used.
    • The bevel capacity is 53 degrees and it detents at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees.
    • Without any loads, this circular saw offers 4,800 RPM and can cut at 1 7/8 inch depth when making a 45 degree cut.

    This circular saw is also backed by a 90 day money back guarantee, which means there’s not much to loose. If you need a strong circular saw, then give this DeWalt model a try. We’re sure you’re going to like it as much as we do.

    Is There an Advantage to Using This Circular Saw? 

    We really love the flexibility that comes with owning this particular circular saw. It can be used for projects big and small and just about anyone can operate this saw safely. This makes it perfect for those DIY parents who are passing their skills along to their children or for those Baby Boomers who are enjoying the fruits of their labor in their later years.

    The one point to make about this particular saw is that it isn’t something you can use right out of the package. The worm drive requires lubrication in order to function well, so it’s going to need to be topped off with oil. If you don’t give it oil, the motor is going to burn out in no time at all and you’ll be left with a circular saw paperweight instead.

    Not everyone needs to have a circular saw, but if you do need one, the DeWalt 7.25 inch word drive model is one of the best in the industry today. Give it a go and we believe that you will agree that you’ve found one of the top tools to meet your needs.

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