Review: DeWalt 20v Brushless 3 Speed Impact Driver

    Review: DeWalt 20v Brushless 3 Speed Impact Driver Justin Bradberry

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    An impact driver is one of those tools that you don’t think about owning until you actually need one. If you’ve discovered that you need this tool to get your next DIY chore completed, then the DeWalt 20v brushless 3 speed impact driver has the goods to meet your needs. Priced around $230 on Amazon, you’re going to receive up to 57% more run time on this cordless tool thanks to the XR lithium-ion batteries that have one-third more capacity than the average impact driver batteries.

    Combined with the features and advantages that come with the DeWalt tool, you may just find that this tool will be one of the best investments that you make this year. Here are some of the highlights that we found with this particular tool.

    #1. It offers specific speed control. Instead of having one speed that you’ve got to manually control at the trigger, the DeWalt 20v brushless 3 speed impact driver offers users a 3 speed design. You’ll be able to have application specific control that will let you quickly take care of whatever chore it is that you’ve got to completed. 

    #2. The push button chuck is remarkably useful. Many impact drivers offer a solid user experience, but the transition between bits can be time extensive. With the design of the push button chuck on this DeWalt impact driver, users will have a one-handed operation that will let them change accessories in literally seconds. It doesn’t seem like you lose a lot of time on change-overs, but we found you could save over 30 minutes on many chores with this one design improvement. 

    #3. It will help you see in some of the shadowy corners of your chore. If you’ve ever been out with your impact driver in hand and a flashlight in your mouth so you could see what you were trying to work on, then you’ll love the LED lights that DeWalt has included with this impact driver. It offers 3 lights around the chuck with a 20 second delay after the trigger is released so that you always have the visibility that you need. 

    #4. DeWalt ships not one, but two batteries with a purchase. We were pleasantly surprised to see that we received two lithium-ion batteries with our impact driver. Combined with the smaller size for this tool and the lighter weight, you will be equally pleased to see that power isn’t compromised just so that a lighter weight can be achieved. 

    #5. It produces very little heat. The biggest problem we’ve found with other makes and models is that they tend to produce a lot of heat while they are working. You will see a noticeable difference in heat production with this tool, which equates to a more energy efficient experience as well. 

    The one piece of improvement we’d recommend for this impact driver is its direction switch. The quality of the switch just doesn’t match up with the rest of the tool. For the average DIY’er, however, this tool is a useful addition to the garage. That’s we have no problem recommending the DeWalt 20v brushless 3 speed impact driver.

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