The Best Tool Bag, Tool Box & Tool Chest Reviews

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    The best tool chest is going to provide you with the right amount of safe storage for your tools. It isn’t a purchase that should be taken lightly. The wrong toolbox could cost you a fortune. With these tool chest reviews, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of how each storage system works so that you’ll be able properly store your tools at the end of the day.

    Here’s the Best Chart for Toolboxes

    From the best tool bags to the portable tool chests that can store every tool you own, you’ll find the very best of the best in the chart below. Compare and contrast these items today to find the best one to fit your needs.

    PictureNameOur RatingPrice
    PictureNameOur RatingPrice
    Grizzly H7994 8 Drawer Storage Cabinet4.5$$
    Keter Master Pro Sliding Box4.5$$$
    Plano Stow N Go Toolbox4.4$$
    Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox4.6$$$
    Excel 26-Inch Steel Top Chest4.4$$$$$
    Stanley SortMaster Organizer4.5$
    Stanley 25-Removable Compartment Professional Organizer4.7$
    The Original Pink Box 20-Inch Steel Tool Box4.7$$
    Stanley 28-Inch Structural Foam Toolbox4.6$$
    Stack-On 16-Inch Multi-Purpose Tool Box4.6$

    What Is a Toolbox and Why Do You Need One? 

    A toolbox is more than just a storage chest for your tools. It’s a place where they can avoid corrosion, tarnishing, and other forms of damage. It’s also a place for you to get organized. Far too many toolboxes today have a simple tray and large container area for your tools and that’s not good enough. The best toolboxes today let you do more than throw random wrenches and screwdriver bits into a tray that you can never seem to find again. They keep you genuinely organized.

    It’s true that a cheap tool chest can meet some basic needs, especially if you’re a beginnner to DIY. If you don’t have many DIY projects that you take care of at home, then a big box discount store toolbox could take care of what you need. If you do any work around your home, need tools for work, or have hobbies that require tools, then these cheap boxes aren’t going to meet your needs. That’s where these toolbox reviews can step in and help you out today.

    Each review takes a look at more than just the size and shape of the box. You’ll see how effectively you can get organized. In return, you’ll also be seeing just how much time you can really save.

    What Is the Advantage of Owning a Toolbox? 

    You can get organized without a toolbox. You could have a workbench that has multiple shelves of storage space and drawers for all of your tools. The only problem is that this takes up a lot of space and doesn’t provide the tools with an enhanced level of protection from the environment. The true advantage of owning the best portable tool box, belt, or other storage medium is that you can minimize your storage footprint while providing a better way to protect every tool you own.

    What Are Some Common Issues with Tool Chests?

    The #1 issue with the modern tool chest is that it isn’t durable. If you’re getting a high-grade plastic toolbox, then it is important to look at how the hinge of the lid has been constructed. Many of these chests have lids that are on plastic hinges that can come apart with minimal effort. Once that happens, even if you put the chest back together, you’ve compromised the integrity of your toolbox.

    The materials that compose the tool chests today must also be examined. Some steel toolboxes are plated to resist corrosion, but give that toolbox a dent or a scratch and it will begin to rust in just days. Plastic boxes can crack when they are exposed to the cold that creeps into a garage or shop during the winter months. The best toolbox will stand up to the elements, resist damage, and it’s all done for one reason: to protect your tools.

    Accessing the toolbox is another place of weakness that must be considered. Some toolboxes have a basic plastic latch that can break under changing environmental conditions. If this happens, you lose the safety that your toolbox can provide. At a minimum, look for metal clasps to secure your toolbox. The best tool bags, chests, and boxes will have a way for you to lock up your tools when they’re not in use so stealing them becomes more difficult.

    How Do I Choose the Best Toolbox for Me?

    The first consideration in choosing a brand new toolbox is to think about the tools you need to store within it. The need to store large C-clamps, ratchets, and wrenches is very different than the need to store screws, drill bits, and computer repair screwdrivers. If all you have is one type of tool to store, then look for the best tool storage options that will combine size and safe storage to get the best deal possible.

    Many folks have a wide array of tools that need to be stored, which is why the modern tool chest can be so helpful. The best tool chests have multiple drawers in different sizes, large storage compartments, and an increased level of durability to make sure all of your tools can be properly stored. These chests are the best way to organize a full garage of tools because you can put everything into one place.

    Your toolbox should also be portable. A basic toolbox is just going to have a handle on it so that you can pick it up and take it with you just about anywhere. For the large tool chests, you’ll want to look for casters that can help you push the chest to the location where you’re working in a safe manner.

    What Are the Prices of the Best Toolboxes Today?

    In our tool chest reviews, you will find that the best toolboxes are remarkably affordable today. Many households are going to find a helpful storage container for their tools for less than $50. Some of the commercial grade tool chests that are found online can cost upwards of $500 on the upper end of the spectrum. On average, a good toolbox that will last for several years is going to cost around $125 right now.

    There is a direct link between the cost of the best tool chests and the amount of tools that need to be stored. Smaller toolboxes with fewer organization features are going to cost much less than full-sized chests that can store and organize virtually any type of tool.

    What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

    Grizzly H7994 8 Drawer Storage Cabinet

    This tool chest is the perfect place to store the smaller tools that you have in your garage or shop. It offers 8 drawers that are felt-lined and protected by a wood design that has an oak veneer. If you have valuables in your garage that need a place to reside, this is it! It isn’t portable, but will sit on top of your workbench and look nice while doing it. The inside dimensions of the drawers are 6 1/4 x 6 1/8, so keep this in mind as you prepare to store your items.

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    Keter 17191709 Master Pro Sliding Box

    This is the toolbox that takes an entire chest full of tools and allows them to be very portable. This toolbox is reminiscent of a large cooler, but you won’t find cold beverages inside. You’ll find an integrated organizer instead, complimented by 2 removable bins that act as a lid for this chest. There is a compartment that is perfect for your large hand tools as well. When you’re finished for the day, use the central auto locking mechanism to make sure everything stays where it should be for tomorrow.

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    Plano Molding 1363 Stow N Go Toolbox, Graphite Gray and Sandstone

    This is the toolbox that brings portability to new levels. It offers a series of three different stow and go trays that are partitioned for maximum organization. Keep your screws, nails, and all of the other attachments for your tools in the perfect spots so you’ll never have to search for the right item again. The upper compartment has enough space for a few of your larger tools as well. The construction is solid, impact resistant, and yet still small enough to be easily portable. All in all, this is a pretty affordable investment.

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    Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red

    If you love the design of the Craftsman full-sized tool chests, then this portable version of that design will be the perfect addition to your garage. It’s full metal design includes steel slides that help everyone to organize tools in a common sense way. The comfort grip handle won’t damage your hand as you haul a heavy toolbox around, while the strength and durability of this box is unquestionable. If you want to protect your tools with a premium toolbox, then this is one of the top products to consider today.

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    Stanley 014026R SortMaster Organizer

    This is the organizer that everyone is going to love. If you’re a DIY specialist, then this can help you organize your sockets, screws, and other small accessories. Those who love crafts and hobbies will find it easy to keep their supplies better organized with this sorting box. It will even store coins, cards, stamps, and other collectibles. The secret to this product’s success is the removable dividers. With over 1,000 different configurations available, this is one of the most customizable boxes that you’ll find on the market today.

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    The best tool chests don’t have to be big to be spectacular. Take a look at all of your options today, use our tool box reviews to your advantage, and you will be to find the perfect product to meet your needs.

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